Dr Zhana Georgieva

Master VetMed MRCVS

Dr Zhana Georgieva

Master VetMed MRCVS

Hi, I'm Zhana,

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m your go-to locum vet when life throws a fur ball (or even the whole damn cat-tree) your way.

Ready to be your clinic’s best friend for a day (or two – or even longer if you can’t get enough of me).

I bring more than just medical skills to the table. I’m the relief you didn’t know you needed.  Specialising in ‘wag-ology,’ the art of keeping tails wagging and spirits high, both in pets and people.

A bit more about me.

Thanks for sticking around to learn a little more about who’s behind all this wag-ology!

The Basics

I’m Zhana, a qualified veterinarian with a masters degree in veterinary medicine from Trakia University in Bulgaria, and I’ve been practicing for over 13 years. My journey in the veterinary field has taken me from small clinics in rural areas, through being an owner of my own veterinary clinic, to bustling urban 24/7 animal hospitals. Along the way, I’ve treated everything from tabby cats to turtles, and schnauzers to snakes. My happy place is the surgical theatre, where I don’t mind spending all of my working time if I can, also a challenging dental procedure keeps me very excited.

Why Locum Work?

After years in multiple different settings, I realised that my various skill set was meant to evolve into locum work. I love the challenge of adapting to new environments, meeting new colleagues and customers, and the reward of making a real difference, however brief my stay might be. Plus, let’s be real – it keeps every day interesting!

Beyond the Stethoscope and the Scalpel blades

When I’m not in scrubs, you can catch me spending time with my partner who takes me for rides on his motorbike, flying on a paramotor, kayaking, or exploring the beauty of the United Kingdom. These activities keep me grounded (ish)  and provide a refreshing contrast to my work life. They also serve as a reminder that mental well-being is just as important as physical health, for us and our furry friends.

Wag-ology 101

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m all about wag-ology, the art and science of keeping tails wagging and spirits high. It’s not just a catchy term; it’s a philosophy. A happy pet makes for a happy vet, and vice versa. I aim to create an atmosphere of positivity and efficiency, no matter where I am.

Let’s Connect

Ready to add a dose of positivity to your clinic? Book me and let’s make some tails wag!

Skills matrix

Veterinary Expertise

General Consultations:
Emergency Care:
Surgical Procedures:
Diagnostic Imaging:
Dental Care:

Technology & Software

Veterinary Management Systems (Teleos,Robovet,Vet1 and many more):
Microsoft Office:
Telemedicine Consultations:

The 'Wag-ology' Factor

Pet Comfort & Well-Being:
Staff Morale Boosting:

Interpersonal Skills

Team Collaboration:
Client Communication:

Specialty Areas

Soft tissue surgery:
First opinion consultations:

Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons registered:

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